Frankfurt: what was your focus, old content or new community?

Timely, relevant content: the social bait that feeds and retains community

Whilst many of us were visiting Frankfurt Book Fair, on our annual quest for new titles to populate our already overpopulated catalogues, two savvy media execs were busy launching an innovative new media proposition online: The Media Briefing. Their objective? To connect audiences of likeminded media people with quality, relevant content and to grow a loyal rapid and dynamic community to, in turn attract sponsors and other stakeholders in the sector. Here is a great video that shows the two protagonists Neil Thackray and Rory Brown discuss the objectives, approach and business model.

The duo’s vision is to take a radically different approach to the business media industry. An approach that takes many of the disciplines of traditional niche media publishing and combines them with the latest semantic technology (highly targeted and intelligent curation and aggregation) to aid the rapid and seamless discovery and distribution of the best third-party content available on the web.

The team developing the new offer has done a great job; their success is confirmed by the traction the site is earning from specialist media content curators on Twitter.

The site already boasts an impressive faculty of media experts from the across the industry who are already providing exclusive interviews, video commentary and regular columns about what’s shaping and defining their verticals.

I will be joining the two founders, Rory and Neil as facilitators on the panel of a workshop, chaired by Andrew Davies and entitled: “How to Build for the Future in Media & Publishing” at the  Like Minds Autumn conference on Thursday 28 October 2010. Read on to find out more.

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